At Hylatio Tourist Village we respect the environment in which we live and that is why we strive to have an environmental policy so that we can live in harmony with the environment that surrounds us. Climate change is not an individual matter for us at Hylatio Tourist Village but it is collective and for which we have integrated sustainable environmental actions in our family business with the following actions:

  • We have recycled point in all places of our village.
  • We do not use at all plastic (either glasses, or straws, or plates or anything else), instead of that we are using straws which can be absorbed from the environment easily and, we are working to always convince our clients to use reusable cans for their drinkable water and not to buy plastic bottles of water.
  • We wash by ourselves the linens that we use in the hotel, and do not give them for cleaning outside in cleaning places where there is waste of water. We use dry cleaning for all our linens.
  • We start changing all our air conditioner units with new units marked as A++ in energy saving.
  • Water in our place is boiling through the sun and solar panels.
  • Most of the lights in the parking area are working with photovoltaic systems.
  • In our place we clean gray water with our biological station, and we reuse it of the watering of our beautiful gardens.
  • In our place we are working also with cooperation of our Community Council for all the area to be able to recycle, so a point of recycling for all the area its on our own property.
  • We use desalination and reverse osmosis for our water so to be drinkable and without smells, so our clients to have drinkable water and not using the plastic bottles of water.
  • What else we are recycling in our place? We recycle all of our cooking oils so not to goes on wastes and making problems to our waste management company. Recycling of oils is done with a licensed administrator after internal agreement. Recycled oils are raw material to produce biodiesel.  

We are in harmony with our environment because environment is our family and our tourist village is family company!